OC : Cecillia Deaux - Le (For supernatural RP only

Name: Cecillia Deaux - Le
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Hair: Curly light brown
Eyes: Blind
Personality: sweet, gentle, really calm about almost everything, but when he's not calm, it's real hell, but he just yell and cries, because his emotion makes him unfocus to the enviroment around him and confused, therefore, he doesn't move around much when he is angry
Power: He can feel the vibration of air, any surface, water. There for, he can feel every shift of movement and make sense of the eviroment around him. But the power needed focus and calm mood. Any aggressive or other extreme emotion can blur the power, that is why he always stay calm and focus
Job: Proffestional Sculpter, teach Braile and take care for disadvantaged children at the orphanage
Pet: A guide dog name Milu, she is white with some black era
Religion: He is a Wiccan
Backstory: . A weird earthquake that wasn't predicted striked in Hunts Point. He was found in a rubble that was once a part of a building in Hunts Point, with little injuries, blinded, temporary deaf and no memory.(He was 6 then) He has his unatural sensitive tactile since then but hadn’t developed it yet
Then, he was brought to an small orphanage (not an orphanage for the dissabled) and called Cecillia for being blind and looking like a girl (He have no trouble and accepted that name though).
He then, was adopted by a weird-lovely-gay- hippie couple and was raised and taught how to aware and feel the natural and enviroment around him, with his sense, he started to figure out how to “look” and feel the vibration in everything with five sense of his: hearing, touch, taste, smell, and his psychic awareness
-August Lê (Vietnamese) - designer (work at home)
-Lucas Xavier Deaux
-Mariana Lee (old teacher/ caretaker back in the orphanage)
-Lia Hortensia (Mentor in Wicca/ teach him mediate, feel the natural around him and focus/ Piano, Harp and music teacher/ Life partner of Lowell Hortensia )
-Lowell Hortensia - He took her lastname (Teach Martial arts/ teach him to heighten his senses)
-Gilbert Adolpha - later changes her name to Adolph 'cause she's gay and is a tomboy - actor/singer - met Cecilla in a singing cafe names Chanteur's Caffé
-Margaret Martinez - childhood friend - Cecilla thinks of her as a little sister and call her Peggy- barrista of Chanteur's Caffé
any changes will be add later
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