Giovanni Devitt [ Human ]


Full Name: Giovanni Devitt
Nickname: Gio, Van
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Place of Birth: Venice,Italy
Birthday: July 13
Currently living in: Genoa City
Species/Race: Human
Blood Type: B+
Occupation: CEO of Devitt Holdings Inc. (can be altered)
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Romatic Orientation: Panromantic
Social Status: Upper-Upper Class
Relationship Status: Single


Body Build: Average
Height: 5'9
Weight: 149 lbs.
Skin colour: Fair
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Blue
Distinguishing Features: N/A
Accessories: Light Coloured Scarfs, Silver Wrist Watch


General health: Normal
Posture: Healthy Any physical illnesses?: N/A
Any mental illnesses?: N/A
Take drugs?: No
Smoke?: Yes

Mental/Emotional State

Archetype: Ruler
Mental age: 40
Act before thinking/Think before acting?: Think before acting
Emotion-wise, generally: Wise


Way of speaking: Normal
Common conversation starter: "A pleasure to meet you. How was your day?"
Swears?: Yes
Made-up words?: N/A
Made-up language?: N/A


Likes: Playing chess,Drinking Wine and Killing time in shooting range
Dislikes: People who dont want to obey his rules, His rivals, Traitors and Assassin who's after his life
Hobbies: Killing time in shooting range, Hangout in night clubs, play board games and train himself in gym
Habits: Looking at his wrist watch, Snapping his fingers when he is bored


Strengths: His brain and physical strength
Weakness: (Find out in roleplay)
For supernatural roleplay:
Skills/Abilities: Mental Manipulation and Enhanced Strength


Education: Formal
IQ: 147
EQ: 142
Secrets (Find out in roleplay)
-Losing his family
-Being outsmarted
-Afraid of reptiles.
Dreams/Goals: To be successful in his liquor business and have a peaceful life.


Food: Pie and Pizza
Colour: Light Blue and Gray
Animal: Crow
Number: 19
Season: Autumn and Summer
Type of art: Abstract
Genre of music: Classic/Electronic/Pop
Genre of literature: Historical Fiction/NonFiction/Fiction/Folklores

(depends on roleplay)



(depends on roleplay)

Love interest: Unknown
Friends/Allies: (depends on roleplay)
Enemies: So many to mention
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