Rules to follow before and during our roleplay:

1. Must read this set of rules first before giving me a message or if you intend to add me as your friend. I could roleplay anime characters and do crossovers, check them in my blog. I also have some OCs and they're in my blog as well.

2. I'm only going to accept anime or face claim profiles but not furries, i'm honestly not much a fan of those. Also, I'm up to any genres of roleplays but I'm into supernatural,psychological,gore and romance genres more.

3. Add me only if you want to roleplay or need someone to talk to, I'm open-minded person so don't be shy to send me messages. Though I apologize if I might be replying cold to you sometimes, it simply means I'm not in mood or bad mood. If I still didn't reply to you after 1-2 days, don't be discouraged that I might doesn't want to roleplay with you, it just simply means that I might forgot to reply to our convo or I'm really busy at my work, if it happens please message me again coz I can be a bit of absent-minded sometimes.

4. Strictly don't message me with 'hru' or any shortened words coz it really kills my mood or pisses me off if I'm not already in mood to roleplay. Use "//" or "()" if you want to talk personally with me.

5. Let me know immediately if you have any plot ideas or who you wanted for me to use as my character/you want me to generate a character for your plot. I don't really mind as long as its interesting for me.

6. I don't mind spotting some grammatical errors or typos in your reply, I understand. Let's try not to be perfectionist, could we? no one's perfect, accept that fact. I might also reply late most of the time because I also have some things to do in real life, I hope you understand.

7. I'm only giving 3 days as my limitation for replying to our roleplay, if you exceed to that limit I'm going to unfriend you unless you give me your reason first. After 7 days, if you didn't give me your reason and still not replying to our roleplay, I'm going to delete our conversation.

8. During our roleplay, replies should be in semi/para/multi only. Not really into one liner though I'm still be accepting some, if the plot is interesting. Mostly, my replies are always in para to multi, I ALWAYS try to put an effort to my replies, one of the reason I'll be replying maybe after 1-2 hours but still depends if I'm busy or not and I hope you do the same as well.

9. No god modding, I mean seriously? Can't you at least give your character some bruises/wounds or taste some pain?

10. Leave a comment or heart below if you read all my rules so in that way, I know that you're serious enough to roleplay with me.
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19 | Jan 11th 2019 04:18