1) Respect, obviously, is first. The moment you disrespect me, I click that very convenient unfriend button and our way part. So, please behave.

2) I understand, life gets hard, people get busy and replying can be hard sometimes, but at least notify me. If I message you, even to discuss a roleplay, please don't leave me hanging. If you don't like my ideas or have too many roleplays going on let me know or else; adios pal. I'll unfriend you within a week of not replying, in case you are online every day.

3) I really don't mind approaching first even if you added me. It's fine, if you aren't ready to chat yet or start a roleplay. Take your time!

4) If I go missing somehow, see on my profile. I post when something is going on in my life. If not, then just speak to me, it is possible your message got pushed back.

5) If you lose interest in a roleplay, just talk to me and we'll do something about it. If you don’t like something, we’ll change it. If you don’t want to continue at all, we can do another roleplay. If you don’t want to roleplay at all, that’s fine as well. Kindly, don’t leave me wondering what’s wrong.

6) Don't you dare approach me in character. I will unfriend you before you can type, 'Hello! I'm superboy!'

7) When we're discussing a roleplay, kindly try to sound interested. If I feel like you're being nonchalant or as if you're putting up with me, I will feel the need to put you out of your misery and unfriend/block you. Seriously, nothing makes me angrier.

8) I absolutely love talking during a roleplay. I would comment a lot on what our characters are doing, otherwise I simply can't enjoy it as much as I want to, so you might just want to get over that.

9) This a NSFW account. So, beware of Mature Themes.

10) If you're easily butt-hurt and like to block people over the littlest facts, like if they didn't ask you to reply in your particular prestigious way I.e 'you there?' Or 'still up for it?' etc. (Because these are the questions I use) and if they're not upto your highness's standard, with all due respect F*** Off. I don't mean to offend you, your majesty, it's just I didn't realize you would be butt-hurt by me getting straight to the point and not adding polite courtesies. My bad for forgetting, you're a brat.

1) Put effort in plotting. It's okay if you approach me without any ideas, we can come up with something together but please, all I ask is put some effort. Don't leave to do all the work.
2) It’s okay, if you approach me with a plot we can work around it 
3) I mostly approach people with plots. If not, then a character in their blog that I actually want roleplay with. If you don’t want that, just let me know and we can do something else.

1) No one-liner. This earns a one-worded unfriend in milliseconds.
2) I’m an experienced roleplayer. I like it literate and detailed. I will not accept anything less than multi-para or Novella. I understand, sometimes you ain’t feeling it. It’s okay to send short messages once in a while, but I mostly like detail.
3) My characters are mostly, stand-out or outcasts so I would appreciate if you weren’t an ass about it. I will unfriend you the moment you are.
4) Most importantly, have fun!

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Satisfy All good!
_Problematic // signed for both this account and @Original_Chaos ??
_Problematic // they were meant to be hearts btw.. xD
LAMO It's fine! I'll cover for you <3 <3 <3
_Problematic // you darling!