Deborah Marshall-Kenner

Deborahis the hybrid daughter of Jackson Kenner and Hayley Marshall-Kenner.

Deborah was conceived in The Vampire Diaries season four episode Bring It On, and it was revealed that Hayley was pregnant four episodes later in The Originals. She was then born in The Originals season one episode From a Cradle to a Grave. As a result of her unique heritage, she is the world's first werewolf-witch hybrid. She inherited her werewolf gene from both of her parents, while her witch legacy came from her mother as she too was partially a witch. Through her mother's Labonair lineage, Deborah is werewolf royalty.

Deborah is a member of the Marshall-Kenner Family, the Labonair Family, and an unnamed family of werewolves. Deborah is by birthright a member of the Crescent Wolf Pack and the North East Atlantic Pack, as well as an unnamed witch family.

In From a Cradle to a Grave, Deborah was sent away to be raised by Rebekah, in order to protect her from Klaus’ enemies: the Guerrera Wolves, Esther, and Dahlia. Her death was faked to protect her. However, in season two's The Brothers That Care Forgot, Esther had found Rebekah whilst she is with Deborah at the park, this is signified by the presence of starlings. At the end of the second season, Deborah is living with her parents Hayley and Jackson in the Bayou, and by the end of the third season, she is living with Hayley on the road. By the fourth season, she lives with Hayley.

Even when she was a baby, Deborah was said to be a fighter. It was said by both of her parents; Hayley in Girl in New Orleans, where she said to her doctor that her daughter was a tough one just like herself, and by Jackson when he said that both Hayley and Deborah were fighters in A Closer Walk With Thee. Both times it is implied that Deborah inherited this trait from her mother who got it herself from her own father, Deborah's maternal grandfather. She also seems to be a very calm and happy. In Ashes to Ashes, Freya says that, like her paternal family, she is resilient.
She is also seemingly very intelligent as she was able to use her magic to turn Camille's car on and off, despite still being a baby.

Deborah seems to be a kind and gentle young girl, with a sweet and innocent persona. She is also rather lonely, never having any other kids her own age to play with.

As a teenager, Deborah is shown to be stubborn and brave as she was willing to put herself though extreme pain and possible death in order to get her mother back. Both Jackson and Caroline describe Hope as being smart, possibly too smart for her own good like her father.

It has shown that Deborah has gained one of her father's traits of doing whatever they can to protect their family as she is always offering to help to save those she cares about and considers family including Marcel.

Family Members;
Inadu's mother † (Distant Ancestor)
The Hollow (Distant Ancestor)
Mr. Labonair † (Grandfather)
Mrs. Labonair † (Grandmother)
Hayley Marshall-Kenner (Mother)
Jackson Kenner (Father)
Hope Mikaelson (Sister)

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Jackson Kenner - Father (@devilsnight)

Hope Mikaelson (@Visionary) - Half Sister

Hybrid (Werewolf/Witch)

Lucy Hale

Sexual Preference; Bi-Sexual
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