Jenna Sommers

❝ What point. Oh! Like this one? Remember when you compelled me to stab myself? ❞

Basic Information:
Full Name: Jenna Sommers
Date of Birth: 1980
Age: (Vampire Age) 38 (Age turned) 30
Species: Vampire
Birthplace: Mystic Falls, Virginia
Current Residents: New Orleans, Louisiana
Playby: Sara Canning
Sired by: Niklaus Mikaelson/Edith Wright

Love Interest: N/A

Sexuality Orientation - Bisexual
Status - Single.
Date relationship Started - N/A.
The Lucky one - N/A.
Engaged - N/A.
Married - N/A.
Ex-Partner(s) - N/A

Past Relationships: N/A

More info:
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