Kendall Salvatore

Name: Kendall Salvatore
Date of Birth: May 25, 2000
Age: (Cursed at birth) ((Vampire at)) 18
Species: Cursed Heretic
Relationship Status: Single
Sexual Preference: Gay. Reserved for Vivic (@devilsnight)
Faceclaim: Colin Ford
Sired By: Kol Mikaelson
Past Relationships: Kol Mikaelson

He is very cocky he can be full of himself, always sticks up for friends he can be a little on edge at times also its not easy for him to get into relationships it has something to do with his past, he can also be very soft in random moments, especially after getting drunk, he can also be a pushover at times

Biography: He was a normal boy up until he turned 18, and weird things started happening, his eyes started turning different shades of orange even though they were blue all his life, he started sleepwalking and walking up in weird places like in the Woods. He could also sense presences like someone just being in the room that he never saw enter or someone walking up the driveway, he decided to ask his Aunt and Uncle, he soon found out he was adopted, His real parents are Damon and Elena Salvatore, he then found out he was a Witch and 6 years later he has matured every spell there is and is a full Witch, what does the road hold for him next?

Why a Heretic: He was born Human, but the Gemini hated that Elena and Damon were able to bend the rules by doing a spell on her to make her pregnant, so that they were somewhat punished they decided to curse the child and put an aging spell on him... that's not the only thing they did to him, as he was aging quicker than most people like in just 6 months he was 2 years old, he had started to discover he had Powers magic
he was about 9 years old, that's when he meet Bonnie, she taught him how to use his Powers properly, soon he told her about his parents and she couldn't believe it at first but then remembered the spell she used for Damon and Elena about 4 and a half years ago, she was a little worried cuz he was a lot older than he should have been, so she brought him to Damon because Elena is in a magic induced coma, Damon took him in and was a caring father, well at least he tried, then about 7 years later Kendall was naturally turned into a vampire, his magic Powers still intact making him a Heretic, soon he found out about the Gemini and how they cursed him so that balance in the universe would be restored

Mom; Elena Gilbert
Dad; Damon Salvatore
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