Ruby Musing

Name - Ruby Musing
Name Pronunciation: Ruu-bee Muze-ing
Name Meaning - Ruby - Most precious gem Musing - Thoughtfully abstracted.
Nicknames(s) - {Give her some?}
Playby: Katherine Langford
Alias - {Give her some}
Date of Birth - April 18, 1997
Age - 21
Astrology Sign - Aries
Gender - Female
Nationality - European
Hometown - London
Current Residence - New Orleans.
Current Occupation(s) - Hair Stylist/Salon Employee {Secretly a Huntress}
Species - Vampire/Werewolf Hybrid {Untriggered}
Reason leading to the first transition - N/A
Sire - Hayley Marshall
Sires - N/A
Strength - Usual strength of a Unskilled Hybrid, she still has a lot to learn
Weaknesses - Usual weakness of a Hybrid
Skin Color - Tanned/Peachy
Eye Color - Light Green.
Hair Color - Dark Brown
Hair Style - Naturally curly/Sometimes Straightened
Height - 5ft 3in {1.6m}.
Weight - 134lbs {60.8kg}.
Body Type - Toned
Health - Perfect.
Positive Traits - Self-Disciplined, Loyal, Responsible, Compassionate, Self-Taught
Negative Traits - Courageous, Hostile, Jealousy, Rebellious
Phobias - Claustrophobia {Fear of tight spaces/small spaces} Monophobia {Fear of being alone}
Disorders - N/A.

Sexuality Orientation - Bi-Sexual
Status - Single. Reserved for Elliot (@devilsnight)
Date relationship Started - N/A.
The Lucky one - N/A.
Engaged - N/A.
Married - N/A.
Ex-Partner(s) - N/A

Mother - Kelly Musing. {Deceased}
Father - Grant Musing. {Deceased}
Aunt(s) - Unknown.
Uncle(s) - Unknown.
Sister(s) - N/A
Brother(s) - N/A
Son(s) - N/A
Daughter(s) - N/A

CONNECTIONS: {People can be added}

PHRASES: "What in the f***ing bloody hell?!"

Theme Song;

HISTORY: Ruby had always had a weird fascination with the supernatural, she just didn't know there would be huge consequences for something that seemed so small. Ever since Ruby had watched Scooby Doo as a young girl she had always wanted to hunt the supernatural. And one day that dream had finally come true. One day her parents decided they wanted to move out of Europe, to the US, to a town in Louisiana, New Orleans. While they were driving to town, just when they entered the borders of New Orleans, they were all attacked by a pack of creatures. Vampires, and Werewolves. Finally Ruby's dream of finding the supernatural had come true… it just wasn't a very enjoyable meeting. Once the Vamps and Weres were had left she would call the 911 for their help. Only the help backfired. Ruby was filed under mentally insane. And sent to 8 years in a mental institution. While there two major things would happen to her. One. Whilst out in the back one night, a few years later, she would be attacked by a supernatural, a Werewolf/Vampire Hybrid to be exact. Thus transitioning her into one herself, her werewolf side is still untriggered. The second thing would be on her last day, she would be walking out of the institute when stopped by an older tall male. His name would be known as Mikael Mikaelson. Telling her he had known who killed her parents she would become intrigued. Taking her back to his place he'd explain everything, the Original Family, the Vampires, the Werewolves, Witches/Warlocks, they were all real. Telling her that they needed to be stopped, all whilst compelling her in the process. Now Ruby hunts for the entire family that killed her parents. Will she be successful?
(More to come in future storylines)
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