Claudia "Claudine" Cortez (the shorter v

(dis is me always)Claudia Cortez: is a 12 year old girl who suffers from bipolar,depression,antisocialness,and self harm. She has medium length hair,brown eyes and has a caramel like skin.Claudia wears bandages under her hoodie because she cuts her self and tries to hide it as well as possible. Claudia often wears a Pusheen or Invader ZIm shirt under her hoodie.She has powers of controlling the world and has several personalities.She is currently dating Ricky Alcivar. Is the youngest of the family and has 2 sisters, Mikayla and Angela.She has a pet cat named Buttons. Claudia hates Fernando because he tries to steal Ricky form her.Her hobbies are going to HotTopic,Torrid,ComicCon,roleplaying,and Danganronpa .Her main goal is to be the ultimate cosplayer and animate on YouTube. She may be a bit salty to anyone she meets but she only wants attention.She can be lusty at times...
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