Xavier Martínez

Basic Information
Name: Xavier Martínez
Age: 1, 430 (Looks 16 to 18)
Gender: male
Sexuality: Pansexual
Species: Angel
Personality: Cautious, calm, and closed off
Xavier was initially born in heaven. Around age 1, 425, he was cast down to earth. Due to his young looks, he could easily pass as 16 or 18 in human years. Having to pass as a human and conceal his identity, he got enrolled in school, got a job, and rented an apartment. Eventually he got fired from his job and dropped out of school at 18. In order to get some form of income he resorted to selling drugs. About a year or two after doing that, he stopped once he had enough money to get by. During the time that he was dealing, he gained a friend that soon became his girlfriend. After a year of dating her, he lost her to a cocaine overdose. After his girlfriend died, he tried to commit suicide but was unsuccessful due to his immortality.
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