Descriptive Plots:
1. Muse A is a recovering addict. Muse B is a close friend who helped muse a to choose recovery. The recovery didn’t last long though. After a devastating event, muse a turns back to drugs. Muse B helps them through it. As time goes on, their relationship gets more close than it was before. Do feelings form or does this friendship stay a friendship?

2. Muse A and B decide to go exploring in the nearby forest as they always do. When they are exploring, they find something out of the ordinary. A portal that seems to go to another world. Muse A decides to go through it. Not knowing that the portal would close after entry, Muse A gets stuck in this different world. Muse B goes on a bender trying to find a way to get Muse A back to the real world. A few months later, Muse B finally finds a way to get Muse A back.

3. Music has been banned in your country and a death sentence placed on anyone who listens to it or keeps any record of it. This doesn’t stop you from listening to it. You and a group of friends decided to create an underground club for those who want to continue to listen to music. A few years after starting up the club, you guys are caught and imprisoned. You and your group of friends plan an escape from the prison. Are you successful? What happens now?

Simple Plots/Pairings:
1. Bad boy x good girl
2. Bad boy x bad girl
3. Vampire x human
4. werewolf x human
5. demon x human
6. angel x human
7. Killer x victim
8. Kidnapper x hostage
9. Best friend x best friend
10. Drug dealer x customer
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