Another roleplay plot

I lived in a small town in the outskirts of England. Outside of the little town was a rather large Mansion. If not for how well kept and the expensive car seen outside the large estate, it would've been seen as abandoned. No one ever seen anyone go inside the house or ever leave it. Over the years different legends arose about the house. Some stated an old man lived there who died years ago, and because he had no other relatives it remained untouched. Others more dark. The one mentioned the most was, a horrific beast who feasted upon the blood of mortals resided there. Of course unlike the gullible towns people I took no interest in these foolish legends, in fact I saw them as nothing but scary bedtime stories for children. One day when I was around my group of friends playing truth or dare, which turned dark right away. One of them dared me to go to the mansion and trespass on the property. Of course me being the brave soul I was ventured outside of my town to the lifeless mansion, only to shown the scary legends of ignored were all too very true. (Starter) :I crossed through the brush, the large estate coming into view. I shivered a bit as bit of wind whipped up. "This is utter bullsh*t." I grumbled to myself as I stepped onto the green grass of the front lawn. "For such a lifeless place it's very well kept, better than most homes in town." I mutter approaching the steps. The house was lightless, causing me to assume it was empty. As I stood in front of the door, I touched the handle twisting it. Unlocked? Curiosity striking my heart I pushed the door open. I stepped inside gasping, the home was filled with different expensive art and furniture. In complete awe I continued to explore inside. "How could someone not live here?" I whispered, running my fingers along the expensive oak coffee table.
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