Name: Braelynn Della Mills


Eyes: Sea Green

Hair:Pink or yellow or blonde.. she dyes it alot

Skin: porcelain

Tattoos: n/a

Piercings: n/a

Gender: Girl

Pronouns: she/her

Age: 16-22

Birthday:February 14th

Siblings: 3 younger sisters

Everyday wear: warm wool sweaters in winter and flowy dresses in the summer

Personality: very kind hearted, animal lover, you know... typically expected princess traits. Except she has no knowledge of the outside world

Wealth: first class

Physical health: 10/10

Mental health: 9/10

Quote: "the world never did help a smart girl, why would it? So if the world goes after you, take it as a compliment"- The Magicians

Song: Perfect Places- Lorde
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