Extinction (A short rant.)

I belong to a category of roleplayers who are soon to be going extinct, I believe.
Now of course I am talking about the only category I myself believe are even worth being called "roleplayers". As I use to say I don't wear your clothes, I don't listen to your music and I don't bother with your problems, the core message does very much fit here aswell: I do not do your roleplay. Meaning I refuse to go with the flow and give up myself for shallow, careless TEXT PORN which 90% of you call "roleplay" as you do. Call me full of myself, call me boring, doesn't matter. I am a classic, an original. Unlike most of you, I am still very capable of writing actual storylines, literate and decent lengthed replies with actual content. And if I offended you with this statement of mine, then you are very much likely one of the people I am referring to.
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2 | Nov 8th 2018 11:18