"The Believer"

~~> The concept of this character isn't entirely figured out, but since my account has no content yet I hope this to work as a character as well as a plot starter.

~~> It doesn't have a certain name (though I like the name Jake for my characters, and since I haven't roleplayed in a while, that'll probably be the one until I feel like it's overused).

~~> The main idea is that I wanted to portray a character who has a strong relationship with God (his conception of a God, and that could work many ways since fantasy worlds might have several. I'm also willing to portray this as all in his head in sci-fi, horror scenarios). I have a few ideas on his background and everything but I'd like us to discuss plot and setting beforehand.

~~> I promise it'll sound much clearer once we talk through messages since I don't have all of this ideas thought out and I'm just trying to write something so that my profile isn't entirely plain.

~~> Congratulations for reaching this far. Also, here's the image that inspired me not to write this idea (because it's such a mess...) Who knows, though. I might be struck by inspiration and actually get this post working sometime in the near future.
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1 | Oct 11th 2018 02:38