1. I'll do my best trying to be literate and not committing any errors, and I hope you can do the same.

2. Use punctuation and grammar.

3. I will do er*t*ca — BXB only — if the RP leads to it; I'll only do it with some kind of storyline behind the whole thing. (Though I consider myself a smut-virgin, everyone has to start at some point).

4. At least one paragraph; short responses make me lose interest in the RP.

5. I don't mind chatting OOC during an RP. just start your sentence with "//" or something to let me know.

6. I won't bother you for responses until at least a week. I hardly ever forget to reply, if I don't, I'm probably busy/asleep/college... but feel free to hit me up and I'll let you know when I'll be free.

7. Normally, I only RP with original characters. (I should set a list of a few of mine pretty soon, until then, we can create one especially for the RP). That's open for discussion, I'm willing to try new stuff, even if I don't know the fandom. (As long as you don't mind giving me directions).

8. I'm not comfortable roleplaying either stereotypical subs or doms.

9. I try to give solid responses (not just in the RP, normally before that, when we're just chatting) and I put some effort into writing a few paragraphs. Of course, you're in your right to just respond with one sentence, or even a paragraph (pending on how involved I am) but be warned that's my biggest turn-off and I might just stop responding if I run out of patience or interest — I don't mean to be rude, though, and it's most likely not personal.

10. I'll probably stick to stories with romance — unless I'm really keen on trying a specific idea with someone who won't allow it. So I'm sorry if that genre isn't an option for you. (I tend to prefer a mix of romance and some other stuff rather than romance by itself).
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9 | Oct 11th 2018 00:50