Rules ♡

If I seem a bit familiar to you, I just might be, even though my rules are a little different, now.


1. First and foremost, I am a very busy person and it WILL take me a bit of time to reply to you. My real life obligations take precedence over you. No matter how amazing you perceive your storyline to be.

2. On the subject of storylines, starting with posts or comments is fine by me.

3. Or, message me and we can discuss something.

4. Favouritism. I'm a heavy indulger. There are a few RPers on here that already know me, have known me for years, and those are the people that garner my attention first. It's not a competition for my attention- I've told you who gets it first and the most, right there. Deal with it. As for everyone else, I'll reply as I see fit- there will be no order, only chaos.

5. I have a preference to keep my RP and real life completely separate. Do not message me with unnecessary questions about my personal life.

6. Smut. I have no issues with doing storylines that contain it. But, there are a set of rules for this specific issue:

▪ I won't base an rp around it. If you just want sex, go somewhere else.
▪ I do not have a sexual preference. My character can be straight, gay, bisexual - whatever is necessary to move the story along.
▪ If the storyline takes any sexual turn, you MUST be at least 18, in real life.

7. No 'Mary Sue' characters. Also, no 'past' or 'long lost' connection characters attached to my own, either (ie: Toms' long lost daughter, long lost best friend, secret ex lover, etc...). Originals are fine, so long as they do not fit into those particular categories.

8. I am NOT exclusive. By that, I mean multiple things:

▪ If I am already RPing with a Harley, and your character happens to be a Harley, I will RP with both. I don't have a problem with it.
▪ If your character succeeds in creating a romantic entanglement with mine, he is not 'yours.' The romance is for the sake of the story and that's it.

9. Please proofread and edit your posts. Some mistakes are easily overlooked and forgivable, but if I can't make heads or tails of your mess, I won't bother responding to it.

I will add more as I see fit. If you have any questions, send me a message or ask them here. But, do be patient for responses.

Comment with "crowbar" if you've read and understand my rules.
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