Evelyn Ponitta - My Hero Academia OC

Name: Evelyn Ponitta
Hero Name: Pulse
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Height: 5'2
Weight: 110 lb
Blood Type: O

Quirk: Timestop
She can stop time for as long as she can hold her breath. By touching someone else, she can allow them to move as well, but only if she wants them to.

Ultimate move: Twelve hundred cuts
When fighting with her old Kendo blade, Evelyn can quickly chain her breaths together to strike quickly. She can strike almost instantly after the last. After breaking through a guard, she breathes in, and then monitors her breath, replaying time for mere moments to stab her enemy over and over. Afterwards, she is practically incapacitated.

Personality: Evelyn has a light, bubbly nature. She is jovial, and funny. She is reckless, having no care for danger if something sounds fun or interesting. In a crisis of panic, this bravado abandons her, and she can be scared or uncertain of what to do. If her friends are in trouble, she will put them first, over her own safety. When she gets angry, she loses control. All the anger under the happy exterior bursts out.

Appearance: Evelyn has long, brown hair. She isn't very tall, and is slim as well. She has blue eyes, and a well proportioned face. She isn't very strong either. She sticks to the normal school uniform, though outside of school, favours a plain, black shirt, and denim shorts. She also wears a brown jacket.
Hero suit: Due to the nature of her quirk, there is really nothing she can do besides aesthetic, so just goes with whatever she's wearing at the time.

Family: Single Child
Father: Victor Ponitta - Deceased
Mother: Elise Ponitta - Deceased

Bio: She made it into UA on recommendations. Most of her past is shrouded, to be discovered in roleplay, but her parents were both murdered when she was young. She took up Kendo for a while, though ended up quitting when she couldn't afford it.

Likes: Friends, laughing, nature, shopping, toying with her hair/her hair being played with, cats, coffee

Dislikes: Purple, wrapping things, glitter, studying, history

Notes: -With the limitations on her quirk, abusing it can cause her to run out of breath, making it hard for her to use it, and just breathe in general.

Random bits of information I've decided to put about all my OCs, feel free to suggest some too:

What kind of drunk are they?: Perverted, clumsy
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