Things You Should Know

I'm really busy, so I'll be sending late replies. I'm in highschool, I'm in marching band, I help my mom with midwife stuff, and I have stupid time limits on my internet ;–;

So for roleplay....

I will tell you if you godmod. Don't get upset. I know people don't godmod on purpose. It is not rude of me to call it out. I'm nice about it. Godmodding is bad roleplay etiquette.

No gore!

Action is boring.

Don't care for drama!

I love MxM and MPREG.

Fluff is sweet and I love it.

Too much smirking can be annoying, you know?

Your character is not better than mine just because she's a girl. EQUALITY HAS TO GO BOTH WAYS.

I use 3rd person and past tense, but I don't care what you use. 1st person does kind of get on my nerves though, since I am not my character.

Don't criticize my reply length. But if you seem disinterested, I'm going to stop replying to you all together.

(Ex: "yeah" she nods.) ← that's disinterest right there.
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