Aithne, Mavelle and Keelin (oc's)

Could fit into most settings. Modern, medieval, it all works. Romance is definitely welcome (fxf or fxm), I do so enjoy adding it, but not necessary, of course. They're supposed to be very mysterious, so I haven't posted too much about them, so things can potentially be found out through the rp. I find this can add a little excitement. But, if you would like more information, like what they are, their power, etc, I can send you that information privately. When writing, I tend to focus on one character, and have the others as important side-characters, if that makes sense. But I am open to trying out different styles.

Three sisters have arrived in town/city/village/kingdom, mysterious as their origin may be, there is no denying their beauty. Nor their strength. Those connected to the realms of spirits and psychics able to sense a great power within these strange women. But few know the extent of this power. They are ageless, having lived for thousands of years, and resilient, but not immortal. They possess great knowledge, of history and magics, experts in the runic arts. Hailing from the Celtic lands, their voices are laced in a strong Irish accent.

The first, Aithne. Despite appearing only in her late thirties, she expresses a comforting, motherly person. Elegant in every sense of the word, poised under pressure, calm in the face of adversity, she is a natural leader. But do not let this self-control fool you, for the moment a threat is made against her kin, Aithne dons the face of a warrior, her protective nature making her a fearsome opponent.
Appearance: Dark-brown hair, and matching eyes compliment a light-golden skin tone, unblemished as it travels over high cheekbones, down to wide hips and long, elegant, legs.
Height: 6'0.
Skills: Insight, compassion, grace under pressure.
Weaknesses: Her sisters.

The next, Mavelle. Rumour claims her to be a witch, something Mavelle has not yet bothered to deny. Perfectly comfortable amongst the dark and gruesome, she holds a great wisdom, far beyond the years shown on her face. Quiet, but not unkind, she prefers to watch, observe, content watching her sisters live happily, rather than seeking out some grand life for herself.
Appearance: Pale blonde hair and honey-brown eyes paired with fair skin create a fairly unsaturated appearance. Quiet, and subtle in her colouring, just as she is in her personality.
Height: 5'8
Skills: Witchcraft and wicca, strategy, experience, singing.
Weaknesses: Her stubborn nature.

And finally, Keelin. Appearing in her early twenties, Keelin is the youngest and perhaps the most beautiful of the three, her youthful face and bright emerald eyes speak of endless potential. Possibilities and years yet to be lived. Excitement comes easily to her, as does movement., forever graceful and balanced. Keelin is happiest when she is experiencing something new. Be it learning of a new skill, or travelling to the edges of the earth.
Appearance: Dark, raven-black hair contrasts with fair skin. Her body slender, delicate, even. Her lips thin and nose slight, her eyes steal ones focus, a dazzling emerald green.
Height: 5'5
Skills: Dance, languages, swordsmanship, quick to learn.
Weaknesses: Easily distracted, sometimes reckless.
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