Muse name: Jumin Han

Least favorite nickname: Mr. Trust Fund Kid, he doesn’t particularly hate it because he knows it’s pretty true but the way Zen says it bothers him.

Least favorite color: Yellow

Least favorite season: Summer, he loves his suits but it just gets kinda hot while wearing them

Least favorite weather: Anything that will cause tons of damage.

Least favorite—hot or cold: Hot

Least favorite holiday: Valentine’s Day or Halloween, he just doesn’t understand why people would spend money on ridiculous costumes or large amounts of candy like that. He'd much rather spend it on his cat.

Least favorite food: Pizza. He sees it at the office all the time but what they get is too greasy.

Least favorite flavor: Sweets

Least favorite drink: Beer

Least favorite scent: Sweat, some people at the office need to learn about deodorant or cologne.

Least favorite sound: Assistant Kang’s voice

Least favorite book: Fictional books just aren’t his thing
Least favorite movie: He doesn’t really watch movies, but he’s seen Titanic and isn’t particularly fond of it outside of the potential factual points that it makes.

Least favorite tv show: The news, he just gets tired of the ridiculous rumors surrounding him and his father.

Least favorite school subject or area of study: Art, creativity just isn’t his forte.

Least favorite aspect of their job: His employees always looking nervous around him.

Least favorite fictional character: He doesn’t care for fiction in general.

Least favorite person: Luciel Choi/707

Least favorite trait in others: Greed

Least favorite place: The airport

Least favorite thing to talk about: His father’s girlfriends

Least favorite thing about themselves: The twisted threads that seem to have a hold on him.

Least favorite sexual position: He’s never had sex so not really applicable.

Least favorite daily chore: Making his bed, he has a maid that cleans his
penthouse so he doesn’t have to do much.

Least favorite style of clothing: Today’s fashion trends, he doesn’t see the appeal.

Least favorite activity: Being unproductive in some way for long periods of time.

Least favorite superpower: Flying

Least favorite thing about humanity in general: That they’d so gullible to the things they’re told instead of looking at the facts.

Least favorite thing about being in love: That they could just be “in love” with him for his money and not for who he actually is.

Least favorite thing about death: Knowing that it’s inevitable.
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