OC ~ Aurora ~ Character Sheet

It's my first Original Character ever made!

*Full Name: Aurora Emphemera
*Nickname: Rory
*Gender: Female
*Race/Creature: Angel
*Age: Technically thousands of years, but she's only on earth for 19 years, therefore she tells humans that she's 19
*Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
*Appearance: Angel form; She has very big, fluffy wings. When they're at full length, they're are almost as big as herself. Her eyes are blue like the sky and her pale skin has freckles scattered all over it. Human form; See picture
*Personality: She's very honest, but only when it doesn't harm you, she's a big people pleaser. There's a certain mystery around her and she likes to keep it that way. That makes her kind of quiet and shy, also because new people frighten her, because she doesn't know their intentions. Aurora is a kind spirit, who's always calm and neat.
*Likes: Because she herself is very calm, she likes her enviroments to be calm as well. She loves to read and to get lost in her own thoughts. One of her hobbies is observing people from a distance, it's also one of her habits. Music is one of her ways to escape reality, especially Celtic/Folk music. She loves nature and is often seen helping it.
*Dislikes: As an Angel it's common to not like Demons and Aurora is no exception. She highly dislikes ignorant people and bullies and she goes to great lenghts to stop them.
*Powers/Abilities: She can regenerate herself and others, but with any power it's very tiring. She's able to apear as just a white light. Of course she can fly, all Angels can, but only when they're in their Angel form. Aurora can sedate somone with a single look in the eye, this power is often used when confronted with Demons
*Weaknesses: Aurora is easily manipulated, that's because she always sees the good in people, even when it is not there. She's also highly empathic, she feels everyone's emotions and sometimes even takes them over. She's very scared of Fire, but she doesn't know why. Like most Angels, Aurora also has a low alcohol tolerance.

I hope you like her, I'll post her backstory soon!

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