Ivan J. Poleman

Age: 20
Height: 5'6
Weight: 145Ibs
Occupation: Soldier
Skills: Marksmen, Mapping
Likes: Smoking (Helps with stress), His comrades, Exploring
Hates: Any threat, Being mistaken for a girl

Ivan J. Poleman, born to a middle class family in an area of land known for its harsh winters. He was the second child of the family, having an elder brother who he admired. But during his birth on a harsh winter, his mother suffered and died moments after his birth. Being brought up by his father and brother, he learned how to be a gentleman and be accustomed to harsh cold weather. Due to his female facial appearance, he is commonly mistaken as a girl by many men. His brother teases him for it but also makes it a positive, he looks just like their mother, so any time he misses her all he has to do is look in a mirror. When a war suddenly broke out, his elder brother joined the nations military, being sent off to fight not long after training. But not long into his time in service, his brother died on the battlefield, leaving Ivan alone with only his father as his only family. Eventually the war began to worsen over the years, causing Ivan to join at the age of 18. Though his father disagreed and not wanting to lose his last son, Ivan did what he had to do. Proving he was better than what most expected despite his appearance, he became an expert marksmen and mapper for unknown areas and terrain. Among his peers he's a valued team member, but when having time to relax in towns they travel to, they use him to trick guys into thinking he's a girl without him knowing.

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