The Rogue

Full Name: Hego Corvis
Age: 17
Race/Ethnicity/Species: Human

Height: 6'0
Weight: 120
Hair Colour: Light brown, with small white patches
Hair Length: Shoulder length
Hairstyle: Usually in a long ponytail
Eye Colour: brown

Birthmarks: None
Tattoos: None
Scars: A Large gash along his throat
Financial Status: Average

Sexual Attitude: Heterosexual,
Moral Alignment: Good
Religious Alignment: Disinterested

Reputation: Barely known
Occupation: Adventurer
Hobbies: Writing, sleeping, whittling, basic alchemy

Languages & Dialects Spoken:

Talented dual weapon fighter
Excellent at stealth
Good at making low grade potions and poisons
Good at going unnoticed
Skilled pick pocket
Excellent locksmith
Cannot speak
Has a nasty little habit of attaching notes to darts, then throwing them passed people's heads in order to get their attention
Quiet even for a mute
Fighting style based around speed and agility to make up for a lack of strength and durability
Somewhat self conscious about his scar

Family: Deceased

Habits: Carving into trees, picking various plants and flowers on sight, scratching at his throat for seemingly no reason.

Likes: Books, cities, exploring, being part of a party (Group of adventurers), Baked goods
Dislikes: Too much solitude, assassins, most royalty, too much salt

Backstory: Hego was born to a simple baker within a small village. He didn't know who his father was, and this was something that meant little to him. Unknown to him, he was the bastard son of a rather low ranking lord. This wasn't a cruel lord, in fact, he was well aware of his sons existence, and despite never having any contact with him, he did send his mother a fair sum of gold every month.

At the age of 12 the Lord died, and a small power struggle began, with the lords brother having each of his children assassinated. How his own existence was discovered isn't known, but his mothers bakery was burned down, with her inside of it. He was outside at the time, and unfortunately was noticed by one of the would be assassins. Despite fleeing into the woods he was far too slow to evade the man who was in much better shape. In moments the distance was closed, and he felt cold steel running across his throat, followed by warmth as he collapsed.

Luckily, an old Rhea had witnessed the act. The man's profession was alchemy, and had managed to heal the boys injury, and tend to the infection it had acquired.

The boy lived with the man until he was 16, and the Rhea vanished one night. He had taught the boy several useful skills. From basic alchemy, to a fighting style that suited his strengths. Hego wasn't a talented alchemist, barely a novice, so perusing that line of work wouldn't be fruitful. So like many, he took a fall back occupation, and joined the Adventurers guild.
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