Zachary OC Information

Full Name: Zachary Maerd Rellik

Alias: Nightmare

Age: N/A (looks about 26)

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual

Height: 6' 4"

Sub or Dom: Dom

What is he?: A wolf furry anthro. He is a dream demon that can kill people through dreams. Kind of like Freddy Kruegar. He especially like to cut people's mouths into smiles when they 'arent happy'

Favorite Quote: "Lets turn that frown upside down~" literally cuts face into a complete smile while the person is still alive. "Now you look just as pretty as ME~!"

Insanity Level: 8/10

Bio: Being a dream demon, Zachary loves to strike fear before killing or torturing his victims. He calls it 'playing with my food' usually. Zachary is sometimes called Freddy Kruegar, ironically, because of how he kills people or hurts them in dreams, and it happens in reality. Zachary is not as insane as Jeffery, but is pretty insane in the sense of how he loves torturing and seeing people 'smile', as in they literally have to smile or he will cut your face into a smile. Fun! Zachary hates appearing in a happy dream though, causing him to get upset. However, that doesnt last long as he quickly just makes it into an awful nightmare. So much for a relaxing sleep! He will usually keep haunting that person until he decides to kill them, or if they somehow survive after 5 days. he will leave marks by, again, cutting their face into a smile. If that happens, he will either continue to haunt or leave that person with a forever smile. He's quite random on his victims, not caring for their age, if they are old or young. He prefers teenagers though because of how they are that in between.

Background Information: Zachary wasnt always like this, just like Jeffery. However, he wasnt as kind and as social. He was a quiet chap who mainly read and would talk to a small group of friends during his childhood. He never really knew his parents, all he knew was they died in a fire when he was young. He was taken by his grandparents, and though being old, they taught him many things, but never knew what being social really was. He loved doing quiet things, like at recess, he would be reading a book. He loved to play chess and checkers though, dominating people who tried to go against him. However, this anti-socialness doesnt usually lead down a good road. Because of this, he had a crush on a girl who was beautiful and like him, except almost everyone else in 9th grade loved her as well, causing himt o get bullied that she would never love him or care for him. This caused him to get beaten, hurt, and hurt emotionally as well as physically. He consulted his grandparents and his councelors, but nothing helpped. He began to cut himself and they still made fun of the scars on his wrists. This changed to something else though. One night, he lost it. With bandaged wrists, he carried multiple matches and a gasoline canester down towards the bullies' houses. After watching them return home so many times, he knew by mind where they lived. He burnt down each house, killing the parents and the kids inside. However, with this insanity, the cops arrived and shot him as he burnt the last child's house. Presumed to be dead forever. However, there were 2 kids he never did. The girl's house and another boy's house. It was 6 years after this happened. The girl whom he loved made fun of him as well, making him dislike her to the same point he disliked the boys. That one boy was dating the girl when he began to talk about nightmares of someone who looked exactly like Zachary, but different... older, more insane, and more blood thirsty. They shrugged it off, thinking it was a bad dream. Well, one night while she slept with him, he began to shake violently, his stomach opening up as he yelled and whimpered 'please! Im sorry!' in his sleep, dying from major blood loss and a gory death. It wasnt long when he haunted her dreams next. during this dream, she was terrified and was cornered by him. He smiled insanely and with his razor sharp claws, he walked to her. 'You should't be upset like that~! Dont you remember that smile you had when you hurt me to the point of hurting myself?~" he asks, tracing his claws against her mouth. 'Let me return that old smile of yours PERMANENTLY~!!'. There was little known about her body, except that her heart was on her lap with the words 'May your dreams become reality~' and with a cut in gash of a smile permanantly across her lips to the top of her cheek
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