Obtaining the Soul Gem

As a golden beam was completely absorbed by Vulcan the emperor folded his arms with a grim look on his face.

"Vulcan your reign of terror ends here." Vulcan said mockingly to Adam Warlock. "That's what you told me before you attempted to do whatever it was that you thought you were going to do to me... You are a few gems, a few stones too short for that."

Floating in the middle of space there were two beings not a planet anywhere near either of them but there were a few asteroids.

"I had heard you obtained the soul gem and I thought you would have made better use of it Adam." Vulcan said to the now lacking color Adam Warlock. "Your magic is interesting your creators should have warned you about me. Or do they even know that you are even here?"

"Leave.. them out of this... Vulcan, this is between you and... I." Adam said struggling to talk.

"Oh but it isn't, you have not just attacked a monarch you've had intentions to put an end to me. That sounds like a declaration of war to me, here's to not thinking things through oh intelligent one." Vulcan said adding the last part aggressively.

Adam suddenly boosted away flying as fast as he could with what magic he had left. Vulcan watched there was no way Adam would get away even now he was losing energy faster than he could escape. Amber eyes shifted to gold as Gabriel pointed one finger at Adam and shot a beam straight through him.

"Consider this an honor Adam, you'll become a part of the fastest growing single entity in fact... I think I'll convert your home world into energy so that they all can join you."

"Nng- Raaaaaaaah!" Adam let out a horrific cry as he could feel himself being converted into energy from toe to head. In a matter of seconds the only thing left was the soul stone which was once on Adam's forehead. The golden energy bonded with Vulcan whom also grabbed the soul gem continuing on his way back to Earth.
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