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This is just random blog of words things that means a lot.

Harry to Kendi.

-he looked back deep in her eyes with a smile on his lips.- you know, when we first met a million thought ran through my brain, confusing me. All I can say, I’ve never ever felt like that before we met. I wanted you all to myself, and I still feel this way, my feelings for you never faded away and they never will. You are the only one for me. And this will never change, it’s something beautiful that i can’t explain. -he said and kissed her back just as gently then he looked in her eyes.- I love you more

Harry to Kendi [ 28th July ]

-He took her hands and looked in her eyes with a big, gentle smile on his face.- Kendall, you make me so happy, I don’t know what would I do without you, or who would I be. But what I know is that, with you I’m more than myself. I’m a better person, with you. Your laughter can make my day brighter, and your smile can make my legs weak. I have never felt anything like that, you make me weak with one touch, but at the same time you give me strenght. I know, I want to be with you for the rest of my life. I’m in love with you. -he kneeled down and took out a small box from his pocket with a smile on his face, then he looked up at her.- Kendall Jenner, will you marry me? -he asked as he opened the boy so she could see the beautiful ring in it.-
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