Reasons Why I will add people

So It's come to my Attention that a lot of People who I add, behind my back ask themselves. "Why?" Because the interactions and roleplays I have with People seem too diverse and the range of characteristics I have on my friendslist despite my known rules is confusing. So, This blog serves the clarification and Information.

And Disclaimer, just the head title and the summary might not be 100% of the context, so incase any confusions appear, feel free to ask.

1. Because you are cool

Sometimes profiles Pop up who are just generally interesting and have an element I am Looking for when making a fun, genuinely Story-based Roleplay.

2. Because you are a good possible friend

Next to roleplaying I also want to Socialize and for that I often look in People who are just nice to talk to in General

3. Because I don't want you to get in trouble.

I have been on the site for ages. Over different accounts I have a total of 5 years of Membership on this Website and know perfectly well how the rules go and what doesn't go. When I add you, chances are I want to help you reconstruct your profile so you don't get your ass banned from the site.
-Additional Note: People who have such profiles and refuse me entirely end up sacking the very Reports from me which I try to avoid for them.

4. Because I have an Impulsive desire for more Friends.

Plain and simple. The more the merrier is the law of my Friends-circle. So when I add People which don't fit in any of the 3 reasons above, it's probably the 4th one you are reading Right now.

5. Clarify Misunderstandings.

In other words, People who have, in their profiles, something that could potentially fit into reason 3 as stated above. Certain trigger words or openly displayed mentalities which Need to be worded better, reduced, censored or otherwise tuned down.
Such include, but are not limited to:
- Descriptions that are abused as an excuse to free-card discriminations such as "I am X sexual so I hate and/or will not add Y Kind of People", any form of enforced Racial diversity, ANY context of cultural or political argumentations just for the sake of pissing someone off.
- Pity-party Farmers such as People who non-stop talk About suicide, self harm etc etc. Look, Depression is heavy and all, but sitting at home all f***ing day writing About it won't Change anything. And If a Person cannot engage a discussion About the potential solution, you know they are faking.

If you see my request in your Imbox, and wonder why, this blog is why.
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15 | Aug 10th 2018 06:37