[Character] Rachel Aberdeen

Name: Rachel Aberdeen
Occupation: Waiter at Miller's Cafe and College Student
Gender: Female
Age: 21


Rachel was born into a family on the lower end of the middle class, the oldest sibling in a family with two children. Her parents valued education above all else, but also understood her limits and only expected her to do her best. Both her parents had substandard lives growing up, and they blamed their troubles on their own parents, so they were determined to do better than their parents before them.

In some ways, they accomplished their goal. In other ways, they didn't. Rachel was always the ideal child; she didn't throw temper tantrums, she did well in school, didn't have to be asked to do her homework or clean her room--of course, she had a bit of an independent streak, but she could be trusted with her independence even from a young age. It wasn't until her younger sister, Amelia, entered the world that her parents began to struggle with raising a child.

Amelia was a troubling child from the get-go. She would scream if you tried to take her out of the house, and calming her was impossible. Going to a restaurant on main street to get a nice family dinner? Think again! Amelia would scream so loud you'd get kicked out of the restaurant. Even at home, she was a nightmare. She'd cry at the slightest of noises and whenever someone went to calm her down she'd refuse to be touched. By the time she was three, she still hadn't said her first word. Her parents were worried she would never speak. It wasn't until she was four that she began speaking, and even then, her speech was so garbled that no one could understand her. She refused to take showers for months on end, and when it came time for school waking her up in the morning often resulted in threats that she would kill herself--and she was barely six.

Rachel began to feel left out. Her parents were taking care of Amelia so often they never had time for her. They began taking Amelia to doctors to figure out what was causing her to act this way. It wasn't until Amelia was 12 years old and transitioning between elementary and high school that she was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, a high functioning form of autism that made her sensitive to loud noises and often left her confused in social situations. In those twelve years, Rachel had gone on to high school, studying harder and harder in hopes that her parents would someday notice that she mattered, too. She knew her parents were doing their best, but she couldn't help but feel like little Amelia had stolen away her own family.

Amelia was progressing nicely now that she was on the right medications, had a fresh start in middle school, and her parents had a strategy to help teach her the social cues that she never learned on her own. Rachel, on the other hand, was headed to college on a full ride of scholarships and not the thing she really wanted--her parent's attention.

That isn't to say they didn't praise her, of course, but it didn't feel the same. She missed the times before Amelia. She loved her little sister, of course she did, but it wasn't hard to imagine how much easier life would be without her there.

She moved away from home and into her college dorms the next state over, starting a job as a waiter at a quaint coffee shop known as Miller's cafe. On the cusp of adulthood and ready to ride the wave that is college, Rachel's life was only just getting started.

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