Character: Blake Kelly

Full Name: Blake Kelly
Nicknames: N/A
Age Range: 16-30
Pronouns: He/Him

Sociality: Ambivert
Mannerisms: Clicks his nails on his phone screen
Speech Patterns: Moderate cursing

Base Trait: Theraputic
•Relaxing, naturally helps others open up, short attention span
•Musically inclined, impressed by harmonies
Origin: A police code, though I doubt it's universal, 405. It means a suicidal inmate. Nursing staff have to determine if each inmate is a 405 and needs a secluded cell or not.

Heritage: Spanish
Height: Tall
Weight: Average
Body Type: Muscular

Description: Brown hair, angry stature, muted blues, music staff

Family: Relatively supportive, many siblings
Necessary Background: N/A
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