Natalie (O.C.)

This is for my main oc, there can be certain changes to this forum depending on the rp, but these are the basics involving her. If you need anymore details on her description, feel free to dm me and i'll be happy to provide all the info you need for our roleplay.

Name: Natalie Alexis Rodriguez
Nickname: Nat, Lexi, etc.
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Hetrosexual
Age: 17-24
Height: 5'6
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Light brown, mid back length
Skin tone: Tanned
Personality: Cheerful, adventurous, stubborn, flirty, outgoing, will take charge if needed, feisty
Likes: Chocolate, animals, nature
Dislikes: Being controlled, small spaces for long periods of time
Strengths: Social skills, agility
Weaknesses: Heavy sleeper, strength at times, clumsy, over thinking
Family: Usually her younger brother and her mother for a normal, everyday rp. Her father is out of the picture and had been for awhile

The picture is probably the closest I'm going to get to her description, I might have another depending on the rp
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