The BORING Rules

1.) This is a quite obvious rule, but no er*t*ca in any way. Romance and most other topics are okay, but nothing that has to do with getting into their pants. Just... no.

2.) I have a life so I get busy with school, so don't come begging for a reply so quickly. If it's been a few weeks, go on and ask, but if it's only been a day, just be patient! I might get lost in papers so don't mind it.

3.) When it comes to writing, I could only crank out a couple long paragraphs at the maximum. I don't mind if you write more or less, but I get tired after so many long paragraphs or one-liners. At the minimum, I write two or more sentences, and I hope you're capable of doing the same. Thank you.

4.) I personally dislike when people are being rude or asking for my information. Don't ask if I'm a teenager or anything like that, nor just straight up bully me. It's hurtful, y'know? I'll just say now, I'm going into the ninth grade. Ew.

5.) Have fun! If you wanna add something to our plot, just do it! (SHIA LABEOUF POWER) I'd love if a sudden plot twist occurred because that's shocking to read!

That should be all, thank you for reading! Comment your favourite song so I know you read it. My hybrids are ready to meet you!
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0 | Aug 10th 2018 00:24