Adel Fayen

Full Name: Adel S Fayen
Also Known As: Olive
Race/Species: Human
Sex and Gender: Female
Age: Changes. Usually 19+
Birthday: November 8th
Birthplace: Colorado
Current Residence: ???
Current Occupation: ???
Heritage: Unknown
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Marital Status: Single
Languages Spoken: English
Religious Beliefs: None

Abilities, Skills, and Powers: Depends on RP

Notable Strengths: Flexible and kind
Notable Weaknesses: Jealous easily. Clingy

Physical Appearance: Medium silver hair with olive green eyes

Usual Attire: Something comfortable

Personality Details: Kind, Generous, Naive, and sometimes loud.

Backstory: ???

Close Friends: She has plenty of friends, but Olive is still looking for someone who can actually mean something to her.
Worst Enemies: A girl from highschool.
Known Family: Her three sisters all live in her home town with their family.
Habits: Messes with her hair when nervous, or bites her nails.

Likes: Being with someone special, chocolate, sharing music.

Dislikes: People she loves being with others, coffee, seeing people upset.

Phobia: Being humiliated

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