Savanah Collins

Full Name: Savanah J Collins
Also Known As: Sav
Race/Species: Human
Sex and Gender: Female
Age: Changes. Usually 19+
Birthday: April 21st
Birthplace: California
Current Residence: ???
Current Occupation: ???
Heritage: Unknown
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Marital Status: Single
Languages Spoken: English
Religious Beliefs: Atheist

Abilities, Skills, and Powers: Depends on RP

Notable Strengths: Honest and friendly (mostly to males)
Notable Weaknesses: Loud. A bit of a bitch.

Physical Appearance: Tan with long, wavy blonde hair and vibrant blue eyes.

Usual Attire: Anything that's a little revealing.

Personality Details: Gregarious, flirtatious, a bit of a gold-digger, loud.

Backstory: Savannah didn't have a very rough childhood. In fact, her life as pretty much been a breeze. As far as she says, anyway. Her true personality says more than what she puts out.

Close Friends: None.
Worst Enemies: Too many to count.
Known Family: Unknown.
Habits: Fidgets with her lips, leans chest forward.

Likes: Parties, money, being with people, flirting, loud music, being the center of attention.

Dislikes: People who try to steal her spotlight. "Shy girls." Cautious people, people that are rude to her.

Phobia: Cockroaches, Spiders, or anything that gives her an excuse to make a scene and be loud.

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