Joshua Clarkson

Basic Info~

Name: Joshua Nekai Clarkson
Nickname: /Come up with them as we go//
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 20-mid 20's (can be altered if needed)
Birthday: January 4th, 1995
Hometown: Hood River, Oregon
Currently Resides: Along the river in a beautiful cabin. (will change to fit the roleplay)
Nationality: White American
Occupation: Junior Forensics analyst
Sexual Orientation: Straight


Eyes: Hazel/ Blue
Hair: Dark Brown
Hair Style: Short and shaggy
Facial Hair: Sometimes.
Scars: None
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 120lbs

General Health~

Smoker? Sometimes
Drinker? Rarely
Recreational Drug User/ Which? Marijuana if offered
Addictions: n/a
Allergies: n/a
Any physical or mental ailments/illnesses/disabilities: n/a
Any medication regularly taken: n/a


General Personality: Goofy, Sweet, Easily excited. Josh is a pretty bubbly guy, his life's going well and enjoys others company.
Likes: Spooky things, Studying and analyzing things.
Dislikes: Boring things...
Favorite Animals: Elephants, big felines
Favorite Color: White
Hobbies: Too many to list!
Spoken Languages: English

Joshua grew up in an average but generous family, always donating and adopting. His father is a cop and his mother a detective, Josh shortly following behind as a forensics analyst. He settled along the river while his parents stayed behind in town. He grew up watching all sorts of scary movies, and enjoys the thrill of getting spooked, but some of his job opportunities shake him to his core. Nothing can ever prepare him to see different mangled bodies...
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