Elijah Holloway

Basic Info~

Name: Elijah James Holloway
Nickname: //Come up with them as we go//
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 23 (can be altered if needed)
Birthday: October 31st, 1990
Hometown: Bonnie Lake, Washington
Currently Resides: Deep in the woods in his great-grandfathers house. (will change to fit the roleplay)
Nationality: Caucasian/White American
Occupation: Ex Marine, Now is a sheriff in the police department.
Sexual Orientation: Straight


Eyes: Dark Brown.
Hair: Dark Brown to Black in some points
Hair Style: Light, thick quiff haircut, can be shaggy and messy sometimes.
Facial Hair: Yes, Long box beard.
Scars: Multiple on his arms, leg, and a few along his back.
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 130lbs

General Health~

Smoker? In stressful situations.
Drinker? Sometimes.
Recreational Drug User/ Which? Neither.
Addictions: Hiking, Sneaking around, Coffee..
Allergies: n/a
Any physical or mental ailments/illnesses/disabilities: PTSD, OCD, Clinical Depression and minor Anxiety Disorder.
Any medication regularly taken: None


General Personality: Quiet, Sweet, Very caring once he comes around to liking someone. He's pretty protective and yet has a habit of pushing people away. Certain people can tell he's fighting his own demons.
Likes: Too many things to list.
Dislikes: Too many to list as well.
Favorite Animals: Direwolf, Grizzly Bears, any Canine.
Favorite Color: A deep purple.
Hobbies: Hiking, Camping, Anything Outdoorsy, Building houses and weapons.
Spoken Languages: English.

Elijah grew up in a normal, average family except his father was very 'War' oriented. His entire childhood revolved around hanging out with his father and learning how to survive in harsh situations. His father however had his rough moments, suffering from PTSD himself, so sometimes his father would lash out against him; causing Eli some sort of harm. As his parents progressively grew older and more frail, Eli had been in the Marines and back, but by the time he visits his mother, she lets him know that someone silenced him. Enraged and worried, he took his mother to his great grandfathers old house deep in the woods. As soon as Eli put his guard down however and went to get groceries one day, he came back to his mother brutally murdered, a little note on her bloodied face saying "You're next.".... Slowly, he begins to fall into madness.
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