Sarah Billens

☆ Name Information ☆


Full Name: Sarah Hailey Billens.

Pronunciation of their name(first, middle/middle names and last): Sa-rah Hai-ley Bill-ens.

Title(Mr./Mrs./Lord/Lady/Sir/): Ms.

Nickname(s): Hay hay.

☆ Personal Information ☆


Sex: Female.

Race/species: Human.

Age(and how old they look): Age is 19 but she looks 16.

Orientation/Sexual preference: Straight, men.

☆ Appearence ☆


Height: 5’5.

Weight: 105.

Age: 19.

Mental age: 25.

Eye color(s): Hazel.

Contacts?: Sometimes.

Glasses?: -

Face shape: Round.

Describe their eyes: Her eyes are almond shape, with long eyelashes.

Describe their nose: It’s a bit pointy but a bit wide.

Describe their lips: She has full, beautiful, lips.

Ears: Her ears are small but not that small.

Body build: Slim, with a hourglass figure.

Body abnormalities: A few scars on her stomach.

Extra extremities: -

Hair color(s): Dark brown to light brown, to blonde. Ombré.

Hair length: Long, back length.

Hair style: Straight for the most part.

Skin/fur color(s): She’s tan.

Complexion: She doesn’t really have pimples. But she has smooth, clean face.

Patterns/designs: -

Scars: A few on her stomach.

Birthmarks(and what they are/were): A small mark on her wrist.

Tattoos: -

Piercings: earrings.

☆ Current Health ☆


Mental state: Sane.

Most prominent personality trait: Trustworthy.

Best traits of their personality: Trustworthy, honest, kind, goofball, foodie, romantic, flirty, creative, intelligent.

Worst traits of their personality: Lazy, clumsy, loud at times.

☆ Current... ☆


Current faith(religion): Christian.

Current superstitions/quirks: Aliens, mermaids, dragons, Bigfoot, ghosts, demons.

Alignment: Good.

Marital status: Single.

Occupation: Student/Barista.

Good habits: keeping the house clean, speaking loud enough.

Bad habits: bitting her nails, saying sorry for no reason.

☆ Optional ☆


Abilities: -

Special skills: She can draw pretty well.

Hobbies: Drawing, cooking, baking, reading, working, dog sitting.
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