|| Distractions ||

The young boy ran outside with his little action figures and making up scenarios in his head. The figures would go on missions the boy created and have made up relationships. Sometimes they would get hurled around and the boy would laugh and smile. But once he heard his brother call, he would pick everything up and run back into their home.

He would drop everything at the entrance and remove his shoes before he ran over to the living room taking his seat. The boy’s father would grab the remote to turn on the tv and if it didn’t work the boy would sit there getting annoyed. “Tv papa! On! On!”

The boy’s father would snicker at his boy’s antics but t always managed to put a smile on his face. “Cool it sport.” His father finally managed to turn on the tv and the boy’s eyes lit up with excitement. His father flipped through the channels until the boy’s show was on. Again the boy smiled happily letting his eyes twinkle with happiness.

Sometimes his brother would peek at the show and the boy would try to explain in a broken English. “TJ is best.. he leads gang.” The brother would just nod and take a seat while his brother laughed watching the tv. Once that show was over he would flip to something else and watch that too. He was young, but he knew the shows he liked to watch and when they were on.

One show would have little characters that sing and taught the children. Sometimes when the boy was eating or drawing he would sing the songs that had managed to get stuck in his head. Sometimes the family would groan as he began to sing the educational song. “United States, Canada, Mexico, pa..panana? Panana!” (Panama)

After watching tv or eating, the boy would grab his things and run outside again. Sometimes an airplane or an ambulance would pass by and the boy would run into the house yelling. “AMBER LAMPS! SOMEONE SICK!” At first the family was confused of what ‘amber lamps’ meant but soon came to comprehend the boy’s language. He would burst into the house yelling random things so his family would come outside and see.

Sometimes the boy would walk into the house with animals he found on the streets.. dogs, cats, frogs, bugs.. anything you can imagine, he found it. He ate a bug once.. yuck. One of the times he brought a dog home and it had no owner. The boy begged to keep the animal but instead they just gave it back to the shelter which made the boy cry for weeks on end. He refused to talk to anyone and would only come out of his room to play outside or grab a snack.

(If y’all don’t know what tv show that picture came from it’s Recess)
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