Anastasia Wyvern (Harry Potter 1)

full name : Anastasia Wyvern

age : 16

year : 6

blood status : Half-Blood

house : Hufflepuff

personality :
Often times, people wonder how in the hell Anastasia had gotten sorted into Hufflepuff. The girl is outspoken, ambitious, and sharp-witted at her core. She's constantly arguing with other students and vehemently stands against anything she believes to be wrong. She seems especially adamant against the treatment of half-blood wizards by their pure-blood counterparts and strives to prove that she can do everything the best, despite her blood purity. It leads her to spend exorbitant amounts of time studying nearly every aspect of magic she can as deeply as she can. She's also rather harsh on herself if she performs any less than perfect. In her earlier years, she was constantly sneaking into the forbidden section of the library to read further on information with the belief that information should never be restricted to begin with and it's obvious that she's unafraid to break rules to do what she believes is right. This particular fearlessness is especially apparent in her responses to authority figures. She's spent countless amounts of time criticizing Snape's preferential treatment towards Slytherin students and his frequent emotional abuse of Hufflepuff students especially. Though her bravery is appreciable, Anastasia often represents herself as self-righteous. Her values, however, lay most with the well-being of others. Anastasia clearly places most importance in friendship and love. She's willing to work so hard in school, not for knowledge or power for power's sake, but rather the well-being of people around her. This shows most in her treatment of younger Hufflepuff students. She's seen as their mother figure and constantly stands up for their well-being in the face of, well, anything. Anastasia has received the nickname of "Honey Badger" for how defensive and protective she is (as well as how literally her personality matches the houses mascot). This defensiveness isn't always right, however. She often finds herself mistakenly jumping to conclusions but isn't afraid to correct herself afterward.

In her free time, Anastasia plays the cello and it's been a hobby her mother taught her at a younger age and she currently plays first chair in the orchestra. She also seems to appreciate Magical theory and wants to create her own spells in the future. Anastasia also appreciates learning different languages. She currently knows English and French, but is trying to teach herself Latin to help with her studies and spell memorization. The girl truly loves cooking as well. She bakes treats for the younger Hufflepuff students and often delivers to other students who may also be struggling with problems. Anastasia also loves to debate, and seems to have a thrill when arguing with other people reasonably. She, within the later books, seems to love her job as a prefect and takes pride in helping (and defending) the younger people in her house. She often reads about revolutionaries of years past and yearns to follow in their footsteps.

Anastasia hates failure, of any sort. Most people can tolerate getting an A instead of an A+, but Anastasia will often beat herself up for it and believes anything less than perfect is merely because she was lazy. She seems to have trouble forgiving herself for any mistake. She also seems to completely dislike any form of censorship, which seems hypocritical due to her position of power later as a prefect and she allows students to express themselves in any way as long as it's not directly hurting anyone else. Anastasia has a strange hatred of boiled carrots. She completely despises the smell, and won't eat anything that's touched them. She also seems to hate wearing sandals, flip flops, or anything that shows her bare toes out of insecurity.

favorite class : Herbology

least favorite class : Potions

electives chosen : Arithmancy, Alchemy, Apparition

extra-curricular classes : Magical Theory, Advanced Arithmancy, Orchestra

pet : A mischievous black cat by the name of Ash

patronus : Honey Badger
"The recognizable mascot of Hufflepuff House, badgers represent determination. Badgers mostly keep to themselves but are aggressive when threatened.
Connected to the earth, the badger is grounded and celebrates individuality. This creature’s stubbornness and instinct to protect make it a formidable enemy for Dementors!"

boggart : Hebridean Black Dragon (Her mother was a Dragon Tamer killed by one of the creatures)

possible Love Interests: Neville Longbottom, Draco Malfoy, Hermione Granger, Ernie Macmillian, OC

best friends:
++ Hannah Abbot. Anastasia appreciates Hannah's unwavering loyalty and determination to do good. She's often defending Hannah from those who attack her for her naivete. They were roommates that spent nearly every moment confiding in one another, and their bond only grew stronger after they became prefects together. Hannah seems to be one of the only people that Anastasia feels comfortable telling her insecurities.
++ Luna Lovegood. Though Luna is obviously unique, Anastasia appreciates that about her and finds the blonde to be strangely comforting. They often meet during lunch and read books together near the gardens about various subjects. Anastasia loves listening to Luna reading fairy tales and talking about strange creatures they could find within the woods. As such, Anastasia ferociously defends rumors when coming intact with any rumors.
++ Hermione Granger. They're both passionate about schoolwork and have similar work ethic, so they study together late into the night for varying subjects. Both feel rather comfortable with one another, and Hermione knows that Anastasia will be prepared with a cup of her favorite tea and arms to cry in if necessary.

+ Neville Longbottom. Anastasia is constantly defending him from other students. and even later made a petition and presentation against Snape's treatment of students inspired by that of Neville and attended a board meeting to present it. That's one of the many reasons Snape later hates her, but it brought her great favor from Neville. He looks up to her in many ways and Anastasia is constantly astonished by his determination and bravery even when others refuse to see it.
+Ernie Macmillan. Anastasia and him have been friends since her first day at Hogwarts. He may come off as pretentious at times, but she appreciates his loyalty and readiness to admit when he's done wrong and try his best to work hard. It's insinuated that he had a crush on her during their later years but had never been able to be forthright about his emotions. She's far too emotionally naive to realize his feelings.
+ Cedric Diggory. They were both some of the most renowned Hufflepuff students, and many called them the "parents" of the house. They had a playful rivalry to see who could get the higher grades or answer the most questions in any given class. They also studied together often. Their relationship was strong until later once he'd started dating Cho Chang. Cho obviously didn't like that the two were as close as they were, and made it clear that "Cedric was hers". Anastasia didn't care for the drama and distanced himself. As he'd died in the months after, she deeply regrets her actions.

- Draco Malfoy. They're both constantly bickering with one another, especially ever since she beat him in a fist fight for bothering her classmates during her first year and hexed him with a spell of her own modifications later that same semester. Anastasia sees Draco as the culmination of everything she hates in the Wizarding community and is constantly looking for any opportunity to hit him with a snarky comment or cutting remark. She also hates his posse, but makes a point in constantly forgetting their names.
- The Weasley Twins. Anastasia initially found their pranks and determination to resist authority a welcome break of the mundane, but has vaguely disliked them since her second year once she noticed that they'd led the Gryffindor table in booing incoming Slytherin students. She finds their comments to be just as bad as what the Slytherin do in return, and has noticed that they have a habit of mistreating Slytherin students just for being in the wrong house. Anastasia gives them the generalized cold shoulder in response. From their perspective, she's just frigid.
- Severus Snape. Anastasia mockingly refers to him by his first name and is constantly standing up for other students. Snape sees her as disrespectful and self-righteous, whereas she sees him as a proponent of emotional child abuse. She doesn't even relinquish this standing upon the reveal that he was bullied. According to her logic, that doesn't give you the right to later mistreat innocent children while foregoing well-needed therapy.
- Cho Chang. Mostly as mentioned earlier, Chang believes that Anastasia had been cheating with Cedric while Anastasia blames Chang for her decision to distance herself from Cedric (though, to be fair, that was never Cho's intentions or what she'd asked Anastasia to do). It's one of those cases of petty teen drama.

Anastasia was born to a Slytherin dragon tamer, Desdemona, and a Gryffindor journalist, Peter. They'd met when he approached for an interview on the alleged mistreatment of the creatures and they'd fallen in love. Anastasia grew up fascinated by her mother and her strength to find her voice despite the odds. However, she was a muggle-born and was treated poorly because of it. Peter additionally made social issues within the wizarding world very apparent to Anastasia and made it clear that she could change things if she only worked hard enough. Anastasia loved both of them dearly and yearned only to make them both proud in the upcoming years. Only months after Anastasia had received her Hogwarts letter, however, Desdemona was killed by a dragon in her work and Anastasia supported her father the best she could while refusing to mourn herself. She's more determined than ever to succeed if only to bring a smile to her father's face and bring honor to her mother's memory. (WIP)

extra :
+ older faceclaim: Zoe Kravitz
+ Later becomes a Prefect and the Head Girl of Hufflepuff.
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