Rules Bleh

~I will only do Ero with Females with a few Exceptions, Show me that You're worth while.

~AT least 5 sentences. I get it if there isn't really anything to say or you need to write less to move the Storyline along but if I give you a paragraph and Clearly enough for you to work with, It's extremely irritating to only receive a sentence back.

~Romance is a must.

~I only Allow Third Person, Sorry!

~ I am Submissive, I will rarely take on the Dominant Role.

~ I will only Roleplay as Female, Mainly because I suck at Roleplaying as Male.

~Please Message me with the Code "Loveless~"

~I would like to discuss the Roleplay before hand and Chat a little. Please don't approach me and just say, "Wanna Roleplay?". It will annoy me.

~ I won't Roleplay Multiple Characters for a long period of time. I will bring in other characters to help support the plot but I suck at keeping up two or more characters for a long period of time

.~Please speak with me about Ero before incorporating it in our Roleplay, And Please do not try to Force Sexual Scenes.

~ Use Proper Grammar and Spelling. I don't mind a few mistakes. But No Text Talk and I need to be able to read it.

~ I get it if you cannot Reply Straight Away, Sometimes My Replies can be quite spread out. Either because I'm busy, I'm not Feeling well Or I'm Injured, Cannot get to a Device, Something is Broken, Or I'm just being a Jerk and I don't feel like Replying at the Moment. But if It gets to be More than Two Weeks Without Either Myself Or Yourself Replying, I Will Probably Delete Unless You Tell me Beforehand.
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2 | Jul 11th 2018 21:02