Awesome Quotes

~Some people just need a High Five... In the Face... With a Chair

~I AM NOT CLUMSY... (It's just the floor hates me. The chairs and tables are bullies. And the walls are always getting in the way...)

~I'm not ALWAYS Rude and Sarcastic.... Sometimes I'm Asleep.

~Ain't no party like a Introvert Party cause an Introvert Party don't start!

~Do I Run? Yes, Out of Patience, F***s, And Money.

~How I Talk:25%Swearing, 25%Sarcasm, 50%Both

~Me? Jealous of You? God Bless your Delusional Soul.

~BitchCraft: The Art Of Pissing People Off While SMiling Sweetly.

~I'm not Insulting you. I'm Describing you.

~Sorry for the Awful... Accurate thing I said.

~People are like math... I hate math.

~Nerd? I prefer, More Intelligent than you.

~I may look like a Potato now but I'll turn into fries and you'll want me then.

~I Run... I'm slower than a Herd of Turtles Stampeding through Peanut Butter... But I Run!

~You call them "Cuss Words", I call them "Sentence Enhancers".

~Taking Naps sounds so Childish, I prefer to call them Horizontal Life Pauses

~Walk into the Club like "Waddup I'm Uncomfortable, Bye!"

~ I do not give One Crap, Two Crap, Red Crap, Blue Crap

~So you like Bad Girls? Good Cause i'm bad at Everything.

~No. You're just wrong. So sit there in your wrongness and be wrong.

~Lazy is a very strong word. I prefer to call it "Selective Participation".

~She wears Short Skirts, I watch Netflix, She's Cheer Captain and I'm Still watching Netflix.

~Roses are Red, Pizza Sauce is too, I ordered a Large, and None of it's for You.

~I love Naps, Netflix, And Long walks to the Fridge.

~ I would Slap you but that would be Animal Abuse.

~ I'm not Short. I'm just Ridiculously Adorable.

~ There is Magic in the Air, It's called Wifi.

~ Yes, I am W.E.I.R.D, Wonderful, Exciting, Interesting, Real, Different.

~ I'm off to Club Bed, Featuring D.J Pillow, and Mc Blanky.

~ Screw Your Lab Safety, I want Superpowers!

~ Everyone tells me to Follow my Dreams, So I'm going back to Bed.

~ Dear Math, Solve Your Own Problems, I'm not a Therapist.

~ Whew, That was Close, I almost had to.... Socialize.

~ Can't get out of Bed. Send Help. Or Waffles. Just Send Waffles.

~ Me? Crazy? I should get off of this Unicorn and Slap You.

~ I like the SOund that You make when You Shut Up.

~ Shut Up about Your Diet. Just Eat Your Lettuce and be Sad.

~ If Someone Yells Stop, I don't know if it's in the Name of Love, It's Hammer Time, or if I should Collaborate and Listen.

~ If I say, "First of All", Run Away because I have prepared Charts, Data, Research and Will Destroy You.

~ If You don't have anything Nice to say, Say it Sarcastically.

~ Oh, I see how it is. Bears can Hibernate and it's "Normal". But when I do it, It's "Creepy" and "Antisocial".

~ When life gives you Lemons, Squeeze them in People's Eyes.

~ I hate it when it's Dark and My Brain is like, "Hey, You know what we Haven't Thought about in a While, Monsters."
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