full name: ariana grande butera
      pronunciation of first name: ( ar - ee - ah - nah )
      nickname(s): ari, ana, pup, baby, cutie, smol. ( if you think of more, hmu!! )
      sex/gender: cis female.
      race/nationality: Italian.
      birthdate: 26th of June, 1993.
      sexual preference: pansexual.
      relationship status: single. divorced.
      birthplace: boca raton, florida, united states
      current residence: la, california.
      occupation: mother, singer-songwriter, actress, lover.
      allergies: n/a.
      pet(s): many.
      contact info:
kik: theyknowbest.
thiscrush: thiscrush.com/ineedurn


      height: 5'0 / 1.53 m
      weight: 104 lbs / 47.174
      skin tone: tanned.
      eye color: hazel.
      hair color/length: (currently) dark brown, hair length reaching lower back.
      body type: slim, athletic.
      physical disabilities: none
      scars/markings: - freckles on her cheeks and all over body, usually covered with makeup.


       [ ✓ ] : affectionate, ambitious, dependable, intelligent,
      protective, brave, easy going, funny, honest, respectable,
      confident, independent, loyal, friendly, happy, thoughtful, etc.

       [ ✕ ] : clingy, bad tempered, anxious, aggressive at times,
      petty, can be dependent at times, moody, easily distracted,
      can be impolite, impatient, etc.

   ( HABITS )

      [ verbal ] : when extremely hyper/excited, tends to stutter whilst talking about
       things. stutters and uses simple words when upset ( may remain quiet ) .
      uncontrollable giggles . frequent rambles about her friends and food items . tends to scream and yell .
      hums to self and others frequently . refers to herself as ‘ brat ‘ when angry and ‘ ari ’
      when happy . teases others . always tells the corniest jokes . hums, grumbles, or
      mumbles when upset . will probs yell a lot.

      [ physical ] : always smiling . constantly wiggling her nose and eyebrows .
      wants hugs 24/7. excessive eating when upset - tends to break things
      when extremely upset . squints a lot . gets red when laughing too hard, crying,
      frustrated, in pain, etc . tends to hold people's hands . bites lip and licks lips a lot .
      taps fingers . will probably play with your hair and/or tattoos . twirls hair when
      impatient . fidgets when being impatient . eye contact is a must
      will stick her tongue out at you or to catch snowflakes or rain . will pet, steal or cuddle
      your dog or child .


      mtc . . .

      coulrophobia : the fear of clowns.
      monophobia : the fear of being alone.


     [ LIKES ] : - big hugs, warm coffee on cold mornings, big sweaters, not
     wearing clothes in her home, forests, music, going on lil’ adventures,
     gentle kisses, 'i miss you's' and 'i love you's', random acts of kindness, marvel
     movies, bath bombs, lingerie, late night phone calls, sex and/or intimacy,
     fluffy things, animals, muffins, getting cute nicknames, her friends, sleeping in,
     bubble baths, cooking, flowers, puns and cheesy pick up lines, listening to the rain,
     messy hair, makeup, winter and spring, modeling, kisses, cuddles, tht yodelling kid ... etc.

     [ DISLIKES ] : - sushi ( although she's never tried it ), rude misogynist people,
     sexism / racism / homophobia, things on the bottom shelf, clowns,
     sharks, extremely hot weather, non banterous people, the smell of plums
     screaming children, raisins, onions, being alone for a long time, being in crowded places,
     pudding / yogurt, really bad smells, peanut butter , lazy people, liars, cheater, thieves,
     unnecessary violence and/or drama, ... etc.

               FAVOURITE MOVIE: lilo and stitch
               FAVOURITE COLOR: pale yellow
               FAVOURITE SCENT: oak wood
               FAVOURITE FLOWER: daisies
               FAVOURITE SONG: always changing ( probably an old song )
               FAVOURITE PLACE: mama's arms
               FAVOURITE FOOD: cherries
               FAVOURITE DRINK: peach iced tea
               FAVOURITE FRUIT: peaches
               FAVOURITE PERSON: her children
               FAVOURITE MEMORY: getting married
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