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[ R U L E S ]

1. { REPLIES }
I'm not perfect, sometimes I can forget to reply. If I haven't sent a response in over 24 hours, please just either resend or message me out of character. Also, I go to college and I work. Plus, I go out a lot with friends, so I might not be online. If I'm not active, you can contact me on my kik. ( kik - theyknowbest. )

As for writing, I believe my standards are fair to middling. Put feeling into your writing. Vary your sentence lengths. Just keep it captivating. I prefer 3-8 paragraphs for a starter, and 1-6 for regular replies. If it dips below three lines, I'll send you a request to resend it, making it longer. Three strikes, you're out. As for spelling, just do your best. Nobody's perfect, just make it as readable as possible. It's not a chore to quickly read over your reply before you send it.

It's as simple as this; I love romance. I prefer it, actually. But I will not,
a) have pre-set relationships,
b) force romance,
c) have romance right away.
Give me time to get to know your character, for god's sake! Even if it is a cannon character, people play them in different ways. Don't force it. If they have good chemistry, it'll move on a little faster, if their chemistry is less, it'll be a slower development. Just be patient and let it happen.

4. { SMUT/ER*T*CA }
I'm perfectly willing to do it, but not a roleplay solely based around it. Keep in mind, I'm no expert on the subject. I've been told I'm not half-bad at writing it, however. If you're uncomfortable with it, just let me know. If you're uncomfortable with it, but it is in the plot, I'm happy to do a short skip over it. It's easy enough. Just let me know beforehand so I'm aware.

If our roleplay gets to a stage where triggering themes occur and it makes you uncomfortable or harms you in any way, please tell me. I don't mind pausing to change my reply.
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