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Name: Jericho "Bendel" Rivera
Nickname: Bendel / Mr. Stallion (I'll let your colorful minds figure that out)
Sex: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Arabic
Age: 20 - 28
Pronouns: He / Him / His
Orientation: Pansexual.
Birthday: 15th of October
Place of Birth: Kut, Iraq
Preferences: Switch. He doesn't give a d*mn f!#%.

Background: Will be told in Roleplay.


Personality: Immature, Slightly Rude, Doesn't Give A Crap, Loyal, Dirty Minded.

-Comedy Films / Horrors
-Curries / Spicy Food
-Living Beings ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

-Dramas / Depressing Movies / Cheesy Romance
-ICEEs / Frozen Yogurt

Hobbies: Shower time... / Spending time with his bros
Talents: Musically Talented / Hawt uwu


Fears: Of being fired.
Strengths: He doesn't have strong feelings for most things.
Weaknesses: Heart stuff. (Touchy things)
Disorders: None.

Smoker Y/N: No.
Drinker Y/N: Yes. When he drinks, he drinks hard.
Drug Usage; None.
Addictions: Slight addiction to alcohol.

Internal Ailments/ Illnesses/ Disabilities: None.
Physical Ailments/ Illnesses/ Disabilities: None.
Temperment: Nonchalant.


Eyes: Amber eyes. (Gold base.)
Hair Color: Dark Chocolate Brown. Dyed Red tips.
Hair Style: Long, mostly in a ponytail.
Skin: Warm Caramel.

Weight: 171.4 lb
Height: 6'3 ft / 192.024 cm

Accessories: Has a copper dog tag.
Tattoo(s): Tattoo sleeve on left arm. A Chinese dragon wrapped on his arm.
Piercing(s): None.
Scar(s): None.


Food: Spicy Beef Curry Stew
Drink: Ginger Ale
Movie: "It" Based of Stephen King's book "It"
Color: Red
Flower: Lilies
Animal: White Rhino
Season: Winter


Food: Specifically Strawberry Frozen Yogurt
Drink: Orange Creme Soda
Movie: American Series the "Twilight Saga"
Color: Green
Flower: Roses
Animal: Rats
Season: Summer


Father(s): Carlos Rivera (Hispanic)
Mother(s): Mariana Rivera (Arabic - Who he gets his features from)
Sibling(s): Valery, Alina, Tia del, Ramon, Jose, and Ernesto Rivera
Cousin(s): He's not close to family.
Distant Family: Again.. not so close to family.
Love Interest/ Hubby/ Wife: None. (Depends on Roleplay)
Children: Nah.
Best Friend(s): Markus Sanchez (More depending on Roleplay)
Enem(y - ies): Any Jealous Model Out For His Skin.
Pet(s): Blonde Bunny Named Tiny
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