Daughter of Two Courts

Human name: Devon O'Hare
Fae name: Unknown
Race: Fae
Type of Fae: Elf
Court: Both
Abilities: Unknown
Parents: human- Miranda O'Hare and Quinton O'Hare
Fae- Oberon (king of the summer and spring fae) and Weiss (member of the winter and fall fae)

Deeming it illegal for members of the two courts to fall in love or have children, Oberon and Weiss broke the law, having many children together.
Weiss decided that their last child, was the most perfect and could bring the two courts together. Oberon knowing this could damage his marriage and that he could be removed from the thrown banished his last child into the human world where two people adopted her into their home.
Upon her 18th birthday Devons best friend took her back into the world of fae. This best friend being the infamous trickster Robin Goodfellow.
They set off on adventures and on a quest to find Weiss, who disappeared soon after Devon.
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