Valrakur - Info, Powers & Abilities

Eternally faithful and loyal to his Queen, Valrakur is a fallen knight clad completely in dark armor that is almost impenetrable. Standing at 6'5", the demonic knight pledged his life to the Queen of Hell, taking an oath of blood and silence. Forever bound to her, his soul branded by her mark, he appears by her side once more, this time on the Earth's surface, after being summoned by the same ritual that bound him to her. Swift, deadly, and devoid of any emotion, this silent weapon will do anything his Queen commands, without hesitation. Nobody knows how, or why this knight has a thin and wide halo above his head.

Powers & Abilities:

- Demon Physiology: Being a full-blood, pure demon, Valrakur possesses innate Superhuman Strength, Agility, Reflexes, Durability and Regeneration.

- Blood Pact - Unbending Will: Due to the ritual with which he was summoned, Valrakur is eternally bound to Satana, and thus cannot be mind-controlled by other creatures, no matter how powerful they are, unless the blood bond is broken.

- Portal Manipulation: Valrakur displays the ability to conjure portals of Hell-Fire and darkness, from which he appears by his mistress' side whenever he is called.

- Hell-Fire Manipulation: Valrakur can generate and manipulate the cursed flames of Hell, which can completely destroy anything. The color of the flames varies, but may be black, blue, white, or the normal shades of fire, although probably in some way noticeably unusual. Sometimes, the flames are not generated by him, but instead summoned from the depths of Hell itself. Using the flames of Hell as a weapon, Valrakur is able to attack in various ways [check here for a complete list of Hell-Fire Attacks -->].

- Hell-Fire Combat: Valrakur is able to fuse the power of Hell-Fire with his physical combat and weaponry, making him an extremely dangerous foe to face.

- Hell-Fire Constructs: Valrakur is able to create various weapons out of Hell-Fire. He can also infuse ordinary weapons with Hell-Fire, granting them higher durability and lethality.

- Fire Immunity: Valrakur cannot be harmed by fire and flames of any kind and can survive in extremely high temperatures.

- Supernatural Tracking: Valrakur is able to track people, creatures and/or items over any distance, environment or conditions.

- Master Combatant: Valrakur's long servitude to Satana gained him enough experience on the battlefield so that he can wield any type of weapon with expertise, truly mastering his combat prowess in order to be strong enough to carry out any task set by his Queen and to be able to protect her life from any sort of threat, should the need arise.

- Endless Willpower: Valrakur never fails, never gives up and never accepts defeat. He will not stop until the task is done, no matter the cost.


- Hell-Fire forged Titanium Armor: Valrakur's entire body is covered in black armor, obscuring any characteristics and providing protection against almost anything. Despite its toughness, the armor feels almost weightless, enabling Valrakur to fight with all his might without having to exert additional effort to move around while clad in his armor.

- Mysterious Halo: Not even Satana knows how and why does Valrakur have a wide, thin and bright halo above his head. Nobody knows what it provides, however, Satana has noticed that the halo's brightness diminishes as Valrakur is being damaged, leading her to believe it's tied with the demon's life force; the brighter it is, the better Valrakur's condition is and vice versa.
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