Back to the Hwarang House.

After they all recovered completely, they had no reasons to still keep them there without making it obvious they are keeping an eye on them, so they let them return to the Hwarang House.
Friends are all happy to meet the others, the atmosphere is rather cheerful as they all get back together. There is a small party in the evening, with food and music, but SunWoo doesn't stay there for long.
He walks out, in the courtyard, minding his own business. Just that as usual, HanSung goes after him. ''DogBird!'' He smiles widely. ''I wanted to talk to you about something!''
''HanSung? What is it?'' He sighs, stopping to walk.
''I decided to write to my grandfather... I don't want to do what he forces me to do, I want to find my own path, or create it! 'No path started as a path. Someone must walk on it for it to become a path'! That's what I intend to do... SunWoo, you think that it is possible for someone like become like you?''
He is surprised by HanSung's words but he softens up a lot, he places a hand on his shoulder, smiling. ''HanSung, you can become better than me even.''
HanSung smiles again at his words. ''Thank you, SunWoo! I have prepared the letter for my grandfath-...'' SunWoo pushes him away, seeing an arrow coming in their direction, then the assassins jumping down from the roof. They look at each other for a moment then forces HanSung to run. ''Go!'' He runs after him then, drawing his sword and stopping behind a wall. HanSung stubbornly remains in there with him. ''DogBird! What is going on?''
''Go in, they are here for me...'' And he doesn't want anyone to die for him. He thinks it is the Emperor to be sending assassins.
''I want to fight with you, SunWoo!''
''Why can't you just go?!''
"Because you are my best friend!" HanSung sobs a little.
The assassins reach them, and they block the way for SunWoo and HanSung. But luckily, the other Hwarang come out of the dining hall in that moment, and seeing the scene, they jump in the fight to help. SunWoo begins to fight the assassins with the others, he is the main target though, they are not supposed to kill other Hwarang.
They help each other a lot, they even defend SunWoo a lot. One of the assassins though, when it becomes obvious they are going to loose, prepares a poisoned dart and shoots at SunWoo's direction before to get killed. HanSung notices and takes the shoot at his place, the poison starts to have effect right away, HanSung falls on the ground and becomes pale, some blood coming out of his mouth.
He falls on his knees with tears in eyes, seeing HanSung like that. He picks him up. ''No, HanSung! WHY?'' He aims to run towards the nursery.
''S..SunWoo...'' HanSung says with a low voice. "D..don't..." He coughs blood, starting to choke. "...give up..." HanSung stops breathing.
SunWoo falls on his knees, still holding him tightly. He shouts out of desperation then bursts in tears, not managing to let him go.
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DogBird Finally he starts to get back to himself. He has a mother and a father but does not feel fully relieved and happy about this right now. "Which of them exactly is my father..?
She will get angry that I told you. She said not to tell anyone. Don't say a word yet, please."
DogBird //good night! :D
Sigurorn ( Good night! :D )
Fei «The disciple followed by guards and eunuchs.» Not hard to miss him, with his court of followers.
«That's yet another proof then. You better keep pretending you are obsessed with killing the Morning Sun until she will have found a way to save you.»
Sigurorn "You have my word, I shall not say a word, SunWoo."
He takes a deep breath, moving his hair back a little and then leaning against a column, looking at the two.
"I agree with Fei. That way others will be still suspects and … hopefully you won't."