Yichuan want his children to become able to protect themselves and the family so all his children know at least one martial art. Matsu do karate and Dae-Jung decided to start with the kung fu (Obviously not in Peng's school Yichuan didn't think she is able to learn something good to his son).
Matsu goes often to gambler houses and the people there didn't like too much, he likes also to have fights and this didn't help...
Matsu was walking on a lonely road when he met some old friends from a gambler house, after little minutes they started to fight but they were a lot and Matsu was losing.
"Fortunately" Dae-Jung was following him, he thought that was strange that Matsu was dressed like a commoner.
The men are too much and also after that Dae-Jung arrived they are winning against them two...
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HyunKi "What?" He looks at Matsu, at his last words.
"Of course it is, if a person like me tells you.
I would like I could say SooHo is less silly than you two but I really cannot..."
Ethan_Fox ( Good night! :D )
Onibugi Matsu.
He shrughs at Ethan's words, °It is the first time that them caused troubles to me°

He smiles at Ethan, °Thank you° and bows a little and glances at Fei, °No worries it is not a bad thing and I didn't feel a lesser only for that.° he glances at HyunKi, °So we are silly? You said I am smart...° he glances at Fei, °Maybe we spoiled our little brother a little but he is a good boy°
Ethan_Fox He nods at Matsu. "All right then!"
He smiles back at Dae-Jung and listens to what they say, keeping a smile and letting a chuckle. "Spoiled doesn't mean bad, it's not bad being spoiled actually." He pondered.
Fei «He never really gave me the impression of a spoiled kid, compared to some other Hwarang.» Like BanRyu. «Can't say I know him enough, though.»
He nods. «Being adopted is not bad indeed.»