Emily silverfox

Name:emily sliverfox
Appearance:mid back neon blue hair with white tips
Emerald green eyes with silver specks
She wears a light purple lower thigh length purple skirt a black tank top with a tan leather jacket with black ankle boots
Magic type:iron dragon slayer
Exceed: silvia
Exceeds appearance: greyish purple fur with brown eyes
Dragons name: hematite
Dragons appearance: silver scales with blackish blue eyes
Past: she was wandering the mountain when she was orphaned. Hematite found her when she fell from a cliff onto her back. She raised emily and taught her multiple languages.
Hematite also taught her hand to hand combat and magic combinations.
Sayings: “if you hit me you better make sure im staying down cause if I get up you better run”
“Shut up and put yours fists up’

She likes: training,sweets,silence,reading,fluffy things
She dislikes:perverts, bitter foods, dark mages
Body type:slim and slightly curvy
Handedness: right handed
Scars :one from her right shoulder to her left hip
Complexion : pale
Height: 5’4
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