rules & regulations.

Replies can be either selective or slow - due to the fact I'm either at school, busy or out with a friend. Mainly school.That or I'm sleeping. Or I forgot to reply. So please bare with me with responses! Rushing me will get you either no reply or removed. Or if worse - blocked. Gasp

►【Don't be afraid/shy】
I know people get afraid to message others, even though they add them. But I'd like to assure you that I'm friendly as long as you're respectful and not dumb as f*** or extremely childish. I just want to roleplay like everyone else.

►【I Accept OCs】
I love seeing well made OCs tbh. But please - if I don't want to ship with your OC - please don't make me. If the chemistry's there, then perhaps. But yeah, no, please don't come at me with sh*t OC's. If you're sat there wondering why I didn't accept your FQ, I looked through your profile and probably found your OC not interesting with my character or your OC just isn't good to me. (And I, too, have OCs.)

If my character can fight, then I will happily do a fight roleplay. But bare in mind, I'm very rusty! And please, don't GodMod. No cheating - unless your character is like that. It beats the whole purpose of a good, action/fighting roleplay.

►【I love Crossovers and AUs】
I love the idea of crossing over with other fandoms, other games and universes. I like the possibilities of creating new friendships, the things that might take place if they were to happen.
And AUs - modern AU, movie based AUs... I have a lot of muses from the 50s-70s so you can imagine how much I love those.

► 【Roleplay Genre】
Below are the genre of roleplay I'll allow:
- Angst.
- Fluff/Romance.
- Fantasy ; to an extent. (Usually not at all if possible)
- Light Gore (just blood and such).
- Action.
- Adventure.
- Crime.
- Casual.
- Drama.
- Psychological.

Here are the genres I won't allow:
- Extreme Smut (forced).
- Extreme Gore (Really bloody limbs or guts).

✔️ Single Shipping (Preferred!!!!!)
✔️ Crossovers.
✔️ AUs.
✔️ OCs. (good ones)
✔️ Script.
✔️ Multi Para.

X Art Stealing.
X Icon Stealing.
X OC Stealing.
X Forced Smut.
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